Bachmann offered two nice Bicentennial train sets and there were several additional cars you could get to make your set larger. There was a set with Seaboard U36B Spirit of '76 scheme with a matching caboose and some freight cars. They also had a bicentennial set with a Norfolk & Western U33B with four bicentennial cars and matching caboose.

The four cars that came with the N&W bicentennial were "Declaration of Independence", "Liberty Bell", "George Washington" and "Benjamin Franklin". You could also get two different flatcars with bicentennial trailers in the New Haven and Penn Central road names. They also had two more cars which were "Thomas Jefferson" and "Independence Hall"

Video clip of the U36B "Spirit of '76" - Video clip of the U33B Norfolk & Western

Photo of the three cabooses 0992, 0994, 1063 - Photo of #0726 GE U33B  Norfolk & Western

Photo of #0620 GE U36B "Spirit of '76" Seaboard  - Photo of #1162 "Penn Central" and #1172 "New Haven"

Photo of #1282 "Liberty Bell" and #1285 "Thomas Jefferson"

Photo of #1286 "Independence Hall" and #1284 "Benjamin Franklin"

Photo of #1283 "George Washington" and #1281 "Declaration of Independence"

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