I have always wanted a set of these Bangor & Aroostook "Jeremiah O' Brian engines painted in the Bicentennial "Spirit of '76" scheme.

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These custom BAR "State of Maine" boxcars are the perfect match for these engines.

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What custom train would be complete with out a matching caboose...

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I was able to find a few GP9's on the secondary market however they were not exactly what I was looking for. I had two engines  that were close to what I wanted but they still needed some work before I would be happy with them...

Looking for something closer to the original prototype engine and being spoiled with the expertly painted and weathers GP18's for my little blue hopper fleet I once again turned to Wayne Dieffenbacker of Liberty Maine so he could work his magic on these beauties.

I sent the two GP9's and a caboose to Wayne so he could do some detailed painting to both engines, then weather them to match each other and custom paint the caboose to match the engines.

Wayne has many expertly assembled and (airbrush) weathered items available on eBay I highly recommend him for your custom model work. He would be happy to give you a quote for your own custom work.

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