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Burlington GP-20 Engines

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One engine my grandfather had pulling freight on his layout was a Mantua GP-20 in the Burlington road name. For years even after he had taken down his train layout there were several special pieces on display in his basement.

This one engine had a very special meaning for me and I spent many afternoons in my grandfathers rocking chair gazing at those engines and dreaming about trains. There are six in my collection right now, one still sealed in the factory shrink wrap after all these years, and I also have five GP-20's that I run and enjoy. I have a short video clip of these engines running on the little loop.

This one GP-20 was very much like one of the local engines that would travel through our little town in northern New Jersey. These "General Purpose" engines would lumber through our town late at night and I would lay in bed listening to the low frequency rumble and horns blowing in the distance. My grandfather was friends with the engineer and was able to get me rides in that monster GP-20 when I was very young.

He drive me to the north side of town where there was a small freight yard, put me in the Cab of the engine, then drove downtown and wait at the rail road crossing. He snapped a few photos of me in the cab of the beast as we rumbled through town and then drove to the next rail crossing on the south end of town to take me off the train. I guess this event must have planted the seed that has had me collecting model trains for over 30 years.

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