My Trains

personal collection of model trains


My grandfather build a 12' x 5' model train layout in his basement when I was very young and he lived just a few houses away so it was very easy for me to walk over to play, so I grew up with model trains.

bm_grandpas_layout_02.jpg (25012 bytes)  bm_grandpas_layout_03.jpg (23362 bytes)

Funny how often I would hear grandpa say...

"Steven, I hear your mother calling you... GO HOME"

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Here are a few of the black and white photos I have of his layout taken in '67 and '68 during the construction. If you look very closely you can see the small B&O steam switcher, several of the Mantua little blue hoppers, and his Mantua Burlington GP-20. These trains are still in my collection thirty years later.