Harley Davidson Limited Edition Sets

I have several of the sets that have been offered by Harley Davidson over the years, but I am not sure exactly how many there might be. The first HO scale HD set that I know of was made in 1986 and there was a second set offered in 1987. I am not sure but I do not think any more sets were produced until the 90th Anniversary set in 1993 and there has been a set each year since then...

1986 - The first year Harley Davidson offered a HO train set

1987 - The second Harley Davidson train set

1993 - 90th Anniversary The "Eagle Express"

1994 - Had a crane and a HO train set this year

1995 - The "Big Twin Power Express"

1996 - The "Milwaukee Express"

1997 - The "Evolution Express"

1998 - 95th Anniversary The "Anniversary Express"

1999 -

2000 - The "Silver Eagle Express"

2001 - My first custom painted Harley Davidson train set

With the exception of the 1987, 1995 set, and the custom painted set, all of my other HD train sets are still sealed in the factory shrink wrap. I have not been able to find the 1987 set in the original set box.

If anyone can help me locate the set please contact me.

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