Little Susie-Q

I never intended to start collecting N scale trains, it just happened...

If you are reading this you most likely already know that I suffer from some form of mental illness when it comes to train collecting, My wife and friends can confirm this, if you have not already reached this conclusion yourself after looking at my collection. After finding out that Life-Like modeled the EMD GP-18 in the Susquehanna or NYSW road I started a search on the internet to find one for my HO scale train collection.

This ended up in a trip to upstate New York chasing the real engine or "Proto-Type" which was something of a pilgrimage back to my childhood. You can read all about that story at my "Chasing Susie-Q" webpage.

This page is all about how the decision to grab "Just One" N-Scale EMD GP-18 in the NYSW #1802 road to display on my desk has turned into a growing collection of "Little Susie-Q's" much to the chagrin of my loving wife Sandy...

The NYSW or "New York Susquehanna & Western" railroad purchased three of these new EMD GP-18 with a government loan in 1962 to help keep the short line in businesses, they are numbered #1800, #1802, and #1804.

Life-Like modeled the #1802 and #1804 in both HO and in N scale but for some reason they did not model the #1800 in either.

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 After I grabbed the "ONE" GP-18 with the road number #1802 which was all that I had planned on purchasing I found a custom painted caboose.

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Of course I just had to have the matching caboose to display with my "little girl" and then I found a "Susie-Q" boxcar, OH you have to have a boxcar to go with the engine and caboose right?

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Well... Now I have a bunch, three of the EMD engines, I bought two of #1804's and re-numbered one as #1800 myself, some minor detailing like painting the hand rails and installing knuckle couplers...

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Man let me tell you, these N scale decals are SMALL!

I have also custom painted and decaled a hopper which is not a proto typical representation of the real hopper but it is close.

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Here are some photos of my growing N scale collection of Susquehanna trains.


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(Please don't tell my wife that the collection is "Growing")

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