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My grandfather exposed me to the model railroad hobby with his model layout at a very early age, he also gave me the thrill of a life time with a ride on the NYSW EMD GP-18 #1802 back in 1969 when I was only four years old. So you can understand my obsession with that engine and anything about it. I have amassed a small collection of photos, documents, and information about the three EMD GP-18's that were purchased with a government loan by the NYSW railroad back in 1962. The "girls" as I like to call them have been repainted several times over there 30+ years of service, #1800 and #1802 have had three different paint schemes that I know of and #1804 has just gotten her fourth overhaul / repaint in late 2002 or early 2003.

This link has dozens of photos at different layouts.


These are some photos of the girls in their various dresses.

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I have also collected several HO scale models of the engines in various projects that I have been developing all based on the NYSW EMD GP-18 Engines.

This is my Life-Like Trio of #1800, #1802, #1804

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I found these three engine all on eBay during 2002 and set them aside waiting for Wayne to work his magic. Life-Like only offered the engine in two road numbers, #1802 and #1804 and they are factory painted in the second dress which has the larger V with the circle S on both the front and back. I asked Wayne to custom paint them in the original EMD yellow jacket paint scheme with the black & yellow strips on both ends, modify the road number on one engine so I would have all three girls in this Trio, and on these engines I have also asked him to apply his unique weathering process to these engines. Just for good measure I also added one of the Vintage Mantua 8 wheel cabooses for custom paint to match the engines.

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These photos show the trio and caboose after Waynes expert handy work!

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You can contact Wayne Dieffenbacker of Liberty Maine for your own custom painting and weathering projects, I highly recommend him for your custom model work. You can also take a look at his expertly assembled and (airbrush) weathered items available on eBay as well.

Another project that focuses on the NYSW #1802 is this brass GP-18. I was very lucky to find this beautiful Hallmark brass model in December of 2002, this engine was purchased new back in 1972 and was custom painted in the original EMD yellow jacket paint scheme. This is the pride and joy of my collection, a ho scale model of the engine that started my life long affair with trains and model rail road collecting.

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Even thought the custom work done back in 1972 was very good, the engine was detailed as #1800 and paint had started to become brittle flaking off when the engine was handled. So I turned to my friend Wayne in Liberty Maine for some of his expert custom painting. In these photos you can see the trains at the beginning of the project just before I delivered them to Wayne. I quickly found a vintage Mantua eight wheel caboose and a few vintage Mantua freight cars to go with this beautiful engine making an interesting set.

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My idea was to have Wayne custom paint these vintage Mantua cars in the Susquehanna scheme to match my Brass GP-18, I asked him to paint both hoppers yellow and suggested the road numbers 1969 & 2003 for the two years that I had my special visits with #1802. I had seen a really nice N scale flatcar with a trailer that was painted in the yellow & black Susquehanna scheme, I asked Wayne to try and duplicate that with my HO flatcars and trailers.

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These photos show the trio Brass engine, vintage cars, and caboose after Waynes expert handy work!

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Then some how I stumbled onto another Hallmark brass GP-18 in May of 2003 that is painted in the second scheme. Ironically this engine is the exact same model and it appears that both were purchased new back in 1972! I do not know what the odds are for me to find both of these engine over 30 years later... But I am sure glad that I did. Don't tell my wife but I am trying to find the other sisters (#1800 & #1804) in this same brass model and paint scheme.

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I have successfully in added another one of the girls to my collection, just a few weeks after finding #1802 by chance I was able to purchase her sister #1804 from the same collector. The two engines look awesome together and I am still hoping that I will be able to add #1800 to my collection at some point.

It would be wonderful if I could get all three girls together...

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I also have a few "N" scale Susquehanna trains that somehow ended up in my collection. It started out as just one little #1802 for display on my desk but then it quickly grew into something just a bit larger which I now refer to as my little Susie collection.

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