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New Haven Streamline Passenger Train

After finding a few of the older Athearn's F7 engines painted in the White New Haven color scheme I decided to try my hand at painting a custom set of streamline passenger cars to run with them.

Up front is a beautiful F7A-B-B Trio of original Athearn engines. I replaced the older Athearn motors with the rubber band drive with new super powered units. I also modified the paint scheme by adding the New Haven orange strip down the side of the engine matching my custom set of passenger cars.

Right behind the F7A-B-A trio are an Athearn RPO and baggage , followed by a Mantua tavern and a coach. Then there is another Mantua coach and a Athearn vista dome, finishing off with a Mantua pullman and observation or tail car.

I also scanned the little silhouette's of people in the windows from the older Mantua cars and added them to the newer Athearn cars so they would blend in. This collection of old and new cars is a real eye catcher.

Video clip of this Burlington set