Me and those Bicentennial Trains...

After the trains my grandfather put together, my first set that was brand new and bought just for me, was a Tyco Spirit of '76 freight train with an Alco diesel engine. My father gave it to me in 1975 and how I loved that train set. It was my tenth Christmas and that red white and blue engine with matching caboose had a host of action cars which provided endless enjoyment. I would even take it with me to my grandfathers and set it up on his kitchen floor. Not long after that, in April of 1976, my father took me to the hobby store where I purchased my second new train set. Gathering together all my birthday money I picked out the Tyco Spirit of America Bicentennial steam set. This was a big deal for me, the very first train set that I paid for with my own money. Twenty five years later and I am still buying all the Bicentennial train sets that I can get my hands on.

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