Photos From April 2003

Here are some photos of the vintage Train Miniature Alco F1A / F1B engine units that I had custom painted.

P0006246.JPG (75048 bytes)

You can see the mess that I made of these trains at this link:

My Mess

Howerver I came to my sences and gave up on this foolish attempt at custom painting my own bicentennial scheme. Then I sent the trains up to "Wayne in Maine" who was able to strip off my mess and repaint the trains in a stunning red, white, & blue bicentennial scheme for me...

P0006247.JPG (70616 bytes) P0006248.JPG (77478 bytes) P0006249.JPG (76636 bytes) P0006250.JPG (76621 bytes)

I am getting ready to apply some bicentennial decals and will be buildinh some new webpages with close-up photos and project details on these trains.

You can see other photos and information about additional trains on my other webpage's.