Photos From April 2005

NYS&W GP-18's #1800, #1802, #1804

These are a few quick photos of my custom painted GP-18's. These are Life-Like Proto 2000 engines that started out as factory NYS&W GP-18's that had the third version of Susquehanna's paint scheme.

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These two photos show the three engines in original factory paint, notice there is no road number 1800 "yet"

Life-Like only made these GEEP's in two road numbers 1802 & 1804 but I wanted a Trio of all three road numbers in a paint scheme that was closer to the original "As Delivered" paint from 1962...

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These nine photos show the three engines after Wayne has worked his magic. He has removed the Circle "S" and V paint scheme on the nose and tail adding the Hash marks that much more closely resemble the original "As Delivered" paint scheme...Wayne has also painted the hand-rails and applied his unique style of weathering making the engines look much more realistic. There is also a #1800 now completing the Trio.

As always my good friend Wayne Dieffenbacker of Liberty Maine was able to custom paint and weather my engines for me.

Wayne has many expertly assembled and (airbrush) weathered items available on eBay I highly recommend him for your custom model work; Ii am sure that Wayne would be happy to give you a quote for your own custom work.

You can view information about my custom trains at this link: