Photos From June 2003

"Blake's Basket Case"

Here are some photos of a worse case engine restoration project. One of my friends got this engine in a estate lot and even though it does run, the condition and appearance had it headed to the junk box.

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It looks like it was originally molded in black plastic but them painted over with an orange color, then with some brown, and yet again with black & gold. The paint was glommed on in several think coats destroying all the the fine details in the plastic mold...

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The disassembly only took a few minutes but stripping off the several layers of thick paint took much longer than I had anticipated. I had to soak all the prices in a jar of stripping fluid for days, scrub them with an old tooth brush and then start the soaking process again.

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It took several weeks of soaking, scrubbing, soaking and scrubbing to remove the years of goopy paint.


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