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Sometime it is better to keep your thoughts to yourself, it just takes one little comment to start a tidal-wave of "great ideas"... Next time I will think twice before opening my big fat mouth!

One Friday evening just before a three day holiday weekend I made the mistake of commenting to my wife that I thought it was time for a new bed. At the time Sandy was relaxing at her computer, already in her pajamas and ready for bed. I could hear & feel the air pressure in the room change the moment I spoke those fateful words... "New Bed" The combination of the large gasp of air and rotation of Sandy's head must have moved the barometer two whole points! Apparently Sandy also thought that is was time for a new bed and before I know what was happening she was standing next to me fully dress, shoes, socks, pants, sweatshirt, makeup, brushed hair, and pocket book under her arm.

(I quick change from pajamas and slippers just a moment before)

What I thought would be a few hours out on Monday the upcoming holiday turn into a mad rush to the furniture store Friday night. After some bouncing, flopping, twisting and poking we walked out with a receipt for a beautiful new king size wall unit and space age sleep system. Our new bed would be delivered the following Thursday and I quietly thought to myself, at least I will have the rest of the weekend free to relax now... (HA so I thought)

After a quick celebratory ice-cream stop on the way home from the furniture store we discussed moving the bedroom around to fit our big new bed into the room. Since we would have to move everything around it made sense to do a really good spring cleaning. What are long weekends for anyway? (Cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, polishing, etc) So much for my relaxing weekend right... It gets better. Now Sandy decides after moving around the dressers that it would be a good idea to wash the walls and give them a "fresh" coat of paint. Then of course it did not take her long to decide...

"Since we are going to clean, wash, and paint the walls... Let's paint the ceiling too"

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My relaxing long weekend of playing with trains was slipping though my fingers as Sandy kept having these "great" ideas! I woke up alone Monday morning to a quiet house, and after wining and compiling about not getting any breakfast to nobody, I wandered into the kitchen to find my vitamins, some juice, a bowl with cereal, and a note...

"Gone shopping for more paint and stuff..."

And STUFF? What stuff? What could possible be happing now? I went from thinking about MAYBE going to look for a new bed to three days of cleaning, washing painting... Now what stuff could we need? I guess when you get a new bed & change the color of the walls you then have to get NEW curtains, a new bed spread & dust ruffle!

(What the hell is a dust ruffle???)

Thank goodness I had to go back to work on Tuesday, I would finally get a chance to relax after three days of working on my long holiday weekend. After a few phone calls during the day to check on painting progress I decided that it would be a good idea to run home on my lunch break to check and see just what mischief Sandy was getting into.

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Just as I had suspected Sandy was up to NO GOOD. After a quick inspection I noticed she had decided to paint over the stained pine knee wall, not too radical a choice I guess, but that's a lot more paint. Then my eye wandered up to the top of the walls, I wondered to myself... "Humm, why isn't the paint all the way up to the ceiling?

Well it seems a new bed that needed new color walls, that needed a new comforter & new dust ruffle, then requires some new fancy wall paper border crap around the top of the room too! Does this "stuff" ever end? I am starting to think it might be cheaper to take a unpaid leave of absence so that I can stay home and STOP Sandy from thinking up any more of these "Great" ideas. Oh yea, did I mention that I spend most of my time in this room asleep, with my eyes CLOSED! Who the heck is going to see any of this crap anyway?

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Well by the time I got home from work later that night most of the hard work was finished and some of the furniture was actually back in the room. I guess Sandy was motivated to get finished before the new bed arrives. The next day will bring more shopping for the fancy border going around the top of the room and then we will just have to hold our breath all giddy with excitement until the bed is delivered and setup. Meanwhile we get to "camp out" on the floor with the teddy bears!

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I have to admit the funky boarder along the top of the wall looks ok, I don't know what all the fuss is about, like I said before, I am planning on spending most of my time in this room asleep. But the fresh paint on the walls & ceiling do look good and the border does seem to tie it all together with the new bed spread and dust ruffle.

Less then 12 hours until the new big bed delivery... This is our last look at the empty green wall, soon you will not be able to see any of that wall with the new bed covering up almost all of it.

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And here it is... The new bed has been delivered and setup. Everything looks great together, can you guess which half is Sandy's and which half is Steve's?

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The Madness did not end with the new bed... After trying for two days to figure out how to get both of our dressers to work in the bedroom with the new bed I gave up. We decided to sell our five piece set and get the matching dresser to go with our new bed. The new dresser is much larger which lets us share, problem solved!

P0006486.JPG (419715 bytes)

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Somehow there was something still missing... Sandy has been trying different configurations of candles, foofie girlie girl stuff, and fuzzy buddy's but she just can not seem to get her decorating theme just right. After weeks of looking Sandy has finally found that special something to put on the bed...

P0006499.JPG (438760 bytes)

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(special notice, this item is actually that small)

She wanted something "little, cute, & fuzzy" and we found just the thing!

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